Salary of an NFL Defensive Lineman?

Answer Defensive linemen have enjoyed the largest salary increases in the NFL, by position, over the past few years. While quarterback remains the highest-paying position, defensive linemen, and especiall... Read More »

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How to Shoot the Gap As a Defensive Lineman?

The best defensive linemen in football make a living in the offensive backfield. These players show the acceleration and strength to get in the backfield and disrupt both passing and running plays.... Read More »

How to Perform a Defensive Lineman Snatch?

This is for defensive lineman. This is a technique you can use for pesky offensive lineman who like to use their weight. This requires swift and precise control, so practice it as often as possible.

What is the salary of an apprentice lineman?

An apprentice lineman starts out making $36,450 a year and can make up to $54,360 during his apprenticeship. When one becomes a full lineman, he can earn $54,360 annually.Source:Lineman apprentice... Read More »

The Salary of Power Lineman Jobs?

The next time you see a power line, know that a power lineman installs, repairs or maintains those wires. Power linemen climb to great heights with the purpose of erecting poles or transmission tow... Read More »