Salary of an IRS Criminal Investigator?

Answer The job of an IRS criminal investigator, officially known as an IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent, is to track money to find criminals or crimes. As federal government employees, the salary ... Read More »

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What is the starting salary for a criminal investigator?

According to PayScale, as of March 2010, the starting salary of a criminal investigator is $32,269 to $53,067 annually. Compare this with a salary of $34,782 to $57,242 for 1 to 4 years of experien... Read More »

Criminal Investigator Degrees?

Criminal justice has existed as a profession for centuries, but as a field of science it is relatively new. The first criminal justice program in the United States began in 1916 at the University o... Read More »

What is a criminal investigator?

Criminal investigators gather evidence for trials in criminal cases. These trained law enforcement personnel work with businesses and government agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigat... Read More »

Responsibilities of a Criminal Investigator?

Good detective work is the backbone behind any criminal investigation. An investigator must be able to uncover leads, interview witnesses, analyze findings and testify in court. Cases could involve... Read More »