Salary for a Research Coordinator?

Answer Clinical research coordinators have salaries that vary based on a number of individual and company factors. Some of the determinants include a person's level of experience as does the type of emplo... Read More »

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What is a research coordinator?

A research coordinator (RC), also known as a clinical research coordinator, coordinates the conduct of clinical research trials (or protocols) in compliance with regulatory and good clinical practi... Read More »

Research Coordinator Job Description?

Research coordinators are responsible for the management and logistics of a research project. They approach research from an organizational perspective, collecting, analyzing and interpreting data ... Read More »

What is a nurse research coordinator?

Nurse research coordinators manage all aspects of clinical research studies. These studies are conducted to develop new medical treatments, surgical equipment and medications. Nurse research coordi... Read More »

Research Coordinator Interview Questions?

A research coordinator needs to be well-organized, have an excellent ability to communicate orally or with the written word and have the ability to work with deadlines while prioritizing their time... Read More »