Salary Garnishment?

Answer Salary refers to a guaranteed minimum amount of pay that an employee receives each pay period. This amount can constitute all or a part of his pay, but it must be a specific amount that he can coun... Read More »

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What is a garnishment?

A garnishment is a judgment typically issued by the court ordering a party to pay on a debt owed to a plaintiff.SignificanceWhen a defendant has not paid debts owed to a plaintiff the court often i... Read More »

What is garnishment?

Garnishment is a lien against the wages that you earn from your employer. You may receive a garnishment for a number of different reasons relating to debt.IdentificationWage garnishment occurs when... Read More »

Can a garnishment keep you from getting a job?

On One Hand: Discriminatory PracticesWhile Federal law protects employees from being fired because they're being garnished, hiring practices are not as clear-cut. Generally, during an interview, an... Read More »

What Is a Writ of Garnishment?

When an individual takes on a new debt, his creditor expects him to make each of his payments on time. Should the debtor stop paying his creditor, the creditor has the option to obtain a writ of ga... Read More »