Saharan Desert Plants?

Answer The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world, covering a third of the continent of Africa. Climate in the Sahara is extreme. Daytime temperatures routinely reach over 130 F and fall to belo... Read More »

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What is the average temperature in the sub-saharan african desert?

The sub-Saharan desert is the largest desert in the world, covering 3.3 million square miles, with average temperatures between 73 degrees to 87 degrees Fahrenheit. However, summer temperatures oft... Read More »

The Difference Between Desert Plants & Rainforest Plants?

Because desert plants and rainforest plants evolved in vastly different habitats, they have developed different styles of coping with their environments. These adaptations make them look different ... Read More »

Outback Desert Plants?

In spite of inhospitable conditions, many rare plants flourish in the Australian Outback. These unusual plants have developed survival techniques to live in the dry, fiery conditions of the Austral... Read More »

Climbing Desert Plants?

Landscaping in the southwestern United States, Mexico or other locations with desert-like conditions does not mean that you are restricted to growing cacti and non-flowering plants. Many plants, in... Read More »