Sago Palms & Growth?

Answer Sago palm (Cycas revoluta) is a member of the cycad family. Cycads are palmlike but are not related to true palms. Cycads are gymnosperms, or nonflowering plants. Palms, on the other hand, are from... Read More »

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The Different Sizes of Sago Palms?

The sago palm (Cycas revoluta) is a popular landscape plant in warmer parts of the United States and a houseplant where winter temperatures dip below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. It is native to the Far ... Read More »

How do I plant sago palms?

LocationChoose a planting location that has well-draining soil, as sago plans are drought tolerant once established and over-watering or wet soil will cause the roots to rot, killing the plant. Pla... Read More »

How Far Apart to Plant Sago Palms?

Sago palms, known botanically as Cycas revoluta, aren't palms at all, but cycads; "living fossils" that have been around for over 280 million years, according to fossil records. These palm-like pla... Read More »

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The height you are going to be is engrained in your DNA. Genetics are pretty much in control of how tall you grow, so no, products that claim to be growth enhancers rarely work. You can, however, t... Read More »