Saginaw Transmission Tips?

Answer Saginaw transmissions are a type of manual transmission generally found stock in GM vehicles. There are both three speed and four speed Saginaw transmissions. There are many resources available to ... Read More »

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Saginaw Transmission Identification?

The Saginaw three- and four-speed manual transmissions transmitted engine power to the wheels on General Motors non-performance and mid-range performance cars. The transmissions were cast-iron and ... Read More »

How to Identify a Saginaw Transmission?

Saginaw transmissions are difficult to identify, but with the proper charts and specifications, along with a decent flashlight and inspection mirror, you can do so without any disassembly or troubl... Read More »

Transmission Oil Tips?

Transmission oil is a lubricant for every moving part inside the transmission of your car. In an automatic transmission, the fluid has three jobs. The transmission fluid for an automatic acts as a ... Read More »

Automatic Transmission Tips?

Driving a car with an automatic transmission requires less attention than driving one with a manual transmission. When driving an automatic, it is easy to overlook the work the transmission does. A... Read More »