Saginaw Transmission Identification?

Answer The Saginaw three- and four-speed manual transmissions transmitted engine power to the wheels on General Motors non-performance and mid-range performance cars. The transmissions were cast-iron and ... Read More »

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Saginaw Transmission Tips?

Saginaw transmissions are a type of manual transmission generally found stock in GM vehicles. There are both three speed and four speed Saginaw transmissions. There are many resources available to ... Read More »

How to Identify a Saginaw Transmission?

Saginaw transmissions are difficult to identify, but with the proper charts and specifications, along with a decent flashlight and inspection mirror, you can do so without any disassembly or troubl... Read More »

VW Transmission Identification?

Volkswagen has used 10 different types of automatic and manual transmissions in its vehicles since the 1970s. The identification code is typically found on the bottom of the transmission.

C4 Transmission Identification?

Built from 1964 through 1981, Ford's C4 transmission served as the main two-speed automatic transmission without overdrive the company used in both cars and trucks. You can easily identify it using... Read More »