Safety rules to light a match?

Answer dont let him

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What Is in a Safety Match?

Safety matches are very small wooden sticks or paper matches that are covered with a "head" of chemical materials at one end. For ignition to occur, the "match" needs to be struck against a special... Read More »

What are some Safety rules for in the home?

Here are some home fire safety rules: One of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and your family in case of a fire is to install smoke detectors in various places throughout y... Read More »

Why are safety rules important?

It's important to maintain safety rules at home or work in order to keep people out of danger. Without safety rules, accidents increase and community security collapses.Protects PeoplePeople get hu... Read More »

Microbiology Safety Rules?

Each item in the microbiology lab has the potential to be dangerous and by following the appropriate safety rules, you can avoid an unfortunate incident or injury.