Safety of Online Employment Applications?

Answer Posting an employment application online has become an accepted and convenient practice today. With that convenience, though, there are clear risks to your personal information being compromised. ... Read More »

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How long do I keep employment applications?

There is no law stating how long workers must keep their employment applications. However, the law requires employers to safeguard their workers' employment applications. The human resources depart... Read More »

How to Update Employment Applications?

Many employers, recruiters, and head-hunters maintain employment applications on file for a long period of time. Getting those applications updated when your employment status changes, your contact... Read More »

What should I wear to turn in employment applications?

Appropriate clothing for job hunting includes dress that does not distract from the applicant, according to Dan Black of the global services firm Ernst & Young. For most job hunters returning an em... Read More »

How many years of employment should be listed on resumes or job applications?

First and foremost, it is important to put the number of years of experience you have doing the job you are applying for. The rule of thumb is to also avoid looking overqualified. If this is your c... Read More »