Safety of Double Edge Razors?

Answer Double edge razors, or safety razors as they are commonly called, are quite different from disposable razor cartridges. Although much more difficult to use than disposable razors, when properly use... Read More »

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Where are the feather double edge travel razors made?

The Feather brand razor has been located in Japan since the company opened in 1932. The company is located in the city of Seki. Called the "City of Cutlery," Seki was once famous for its samurai sw... Read More »

Why Use a Double Edge Safety Razor?

With the ever-rising cost of multiple-blade razors, you may be considering "going retro" with a double-edged safety razor. The benefits of making the switch are plentiful. Does this... Read More »

How to Use Old Safety Razors?

Because of the economy or personal choice and conviction, many people seek to live more frugally and simply. We are looking back to see how our parents lived. Smaller homes, vegetable gardens, cook... Read More »

How to Restore Old Safety Razors?

Vintage razors, with their origination dating back to the 19th century, have become quite the collectible item in recent years. When dealing with such old and wise razors, it is important to proper... Read More »