Safety Issues to Consider When Using Computers in Class?

Answer Teachers must realize that there are potentially harmful effects of using advanced technology that must be considered when integrating computers in the classroom. Take the necessary precautions wit... Read More »

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Safety Issues of Using Gamma Rays?

Gamma rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation and are used in cancer treatments, industrial processes and pasteurization. They also occur naturally in soil, water and some food. However, high ... Read More »

What Are Physical Safety Issues With Using a Computer?

Anyone who uses a computer knows how time can fly. You sit down to say a quick hello to your Facebook friends and 5 hours later you realize that your eyes are scratchy, you have a sharp pain right ... Read More »

Safety issues when taking children out of the setting?

well if he s young then Lego and stuffed animals, but if he is like 13+ vedio games but don't put a tv or computer in their room or they will play non stop but if you do password

Safety issues and concerns when taking children out of the nursery setting?

keep your ratiostake along the first aid kittake along emergency contact formscell phone would be helpful