Safety Facts About Tanning Beds?

Answer The idea of golden, sun-kissed skin is attractive and appealing to most people, especially to those who do not naturally have a golden or olive skin tone. While sun tanning requires time, ideal wea... Read More »

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Facts About High Pressure Tanning Beds?

There are two main types of indoor tanning booths: low pressure and high pressure tanning beds. While low pressure beds are the most common, your tan will develop quicker if you use a high pressure... Read More »

Facts on Tanning Beds?

Tanning beds are most frequently used in the months before summer to provide people with base tans before participating in outdoor activities, although some people like to maintain a tan all year l... Read More »

About Tanning Beds?

A tanning bed is a two-sided bed that delivers ultraviolet light to both sides of a person in order to darken their skin. Tanning beds use the same type of UV spectrum that the sun emits in order t... Read More »

Frequently Asked Questions About Tanning Beds?

Tanning beds are a popular way to get a suntan without spending time outdoors. While this approach may provide you with a year-round tan, it also has the potential to be unsanitary or a health risk... Read More »