Safe to eat uncooked brownie batter?

Answer Yes, it's safe, despite what the poison paranoiacs might say. People have been licking the bowl, spoon and beaters for centuries. The chances of a reasonably healthy person getting sick are extreme... Read More »

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What do you think about making up a brownie batter and spreading it out on a pizza crust to bake?

sure it will work. You just have to watch it carefully because it will bake in a much shorter time than when its in a deeper pan. Over baked brownies are like rocks so maybe 8-10 minutes baking ... Read More »

Is it Safe to Eat Raw Cake Batter?

The only thing it will affect is the way it rises when you bake it due to the rising agents like the baking soda or powder. And since you don't plan on baking it, then you don't need to worry abou... Read More »

Is cookie batter safe as an ice cream topping?

If you are making batter for the sole reason of making ice cream then no need to add baking powder/soda, Or eggs.Adding say 1/4-1/2 cup into a batch of home made ice cream will be just fine. As lon... Read More »

How to Make Brownie Nut Cranberry Coffee Cake With Brownie Mix?

Do you have a box of brownie mix and want to make a lighter, healthier, brownie (inspired) nutty, cranberry, coffee cake?