Safe to eat cultured yogurt during pregnancy?

Answer yes. it is good for you, I asked my dr that and she said it was safe to eat.

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Is eating yogurt with acidophilus and bifidus safe during pregnancy?

it doesnt effect you in a bad way and they havent found any defects in babies yet but if your unsure and uneasy about that then you should trust your gut instinct and dont.

What does "Cultured Yogurt" mean I know what Yogurt is but what's that Thanks?

"Cultures" refers to the bacteria used to make the yogurt. It's best that your yogurt be cultured - cultures are healthy "probiotics" and if your yogurt is not cultured it probably uses chemicals a... Read More »

How To Compare Types of Cultured Yogurt?

Humans have been making and eating yogurt for thousands of years. It is a good source of vitamins, minerals, protein and calcium and is easy to digest. Yogurt is made by introducing live active cul... Read More »

Is dextromethorphan safe during pregnancy?

The cough suppressant dextromethorphan got some bad press after one study found that it caused birth defects in chick embryos, but this study had many flaws and is generally not given much credibil... Read More »