Safe to delete this?

Answer Remove ALL of the Java that you have listed in Add/Remove applet then go to:…Download the latest version and installHaving so many slows your machine.Edit:... Read More »

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Can you delete programs in safe mode?

According to, you can delete programs while in safe mode. In fact, safe mode is used for deleting and uninstalling programs, troubleshooting and adjusting configurations settings... Read More »

Is it safe to delete internet explorer?

IE is safe to uninstall through Add/Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components, but not to delete as you would a picture or song you don't want any more. That would likely cause you a number... Read More »

Can PAGEFILE.SYS - Slow-Down my PC & is it Safe to Delete it ?

dont delete it reduce the size the file is allowed to bechange its max size herego to the system properties - advanced - performance options - change......................................…normaly... Read More »

Is it safe to delete&compress old files?

On One Hand: Safely Deleting FilesIt is safe to delete old documents, such as text files, spreadsheets, photos, video and music if you no longer need or want them. If you may want them later, try ... Read More »