Safe mode won't work help!?

Answer hold it down for the entire startup

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Computer wont turn on or go into safe mode..?

2 ways to fix it1) boot from your installation disk and do a system repair from itif above not possible2) get someone to download "puppy linux" burn to disk and boot from itit loads in memory and a... Read More »

My virus wont allow ethernet connection even in safe mode so cannot download ativirus please help?

If one of your pals has a computer, you can download the antivirus to the usb. Another possibility would be restoring your computer to a certain time in the past using system restore. Another one w... Read More »

Will Norton 360 work in safe mode?

Norton 360 will scan in safe mode if you take the correct steps, according to the Symantec website. Although the program will generate a box stating that "Norton product cannot start in Safe mode,"... Read More »

Will a flash drive work in safe mode?

A USB flash storage drive will work in Safe Mode if you are using Windows XP or later. However, with earlier Windows versions (such as Windows 98), you may experience incompatibility due to driver... Read More »