Safe light?

Answer Just buy a copy of the Kodak Black & White Darkroom Data Guide and it will list every thing you need. Color printing is done in total darkness. There's a Kodak Guide for color darkroom also.

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Since I don't plan to use my gas oven often is it safe to get gas hooked up but don't light the oven's pilot light?

Anhydrous ammonia is used in Refrigerators. Anhydrous ammonia is a clear liquid that boils at a temperature of -28°F. In refrigeration systems, the liquid is stored in closed containers under pres... Read More »

Are LED light bulbs safe?

On One Hand: Added securityLED light bulbs are an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent light bulbs, as they can operate for up to 30 hours longer than the traditional bulb. LEDs are safe to... Read More »

Is it safe to change the light bulb?

No, its not as safe. Something inadvertently covering the light sensor would cause the light to go on.Find the breaker for the circuit the light is on and turn off the power there or have the land... Read More »

Is my light switch safe to mess with?

As long as the power to the switch is turned off, you can do as you wish. Sounds like you just need to turn the switch 180 degrees.