Safe Way to Remove Back Hair?

Answer Back hair can range from being sparse to very extreme, covering the entire back. Removing back hair may be something you are interested in if you dislike the appearance. In extreme cases it can als... Read More »

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Is it safe to wax ur facial hairdoes the hair grow back more faster n thicker?

Well..waxing can be brilliant..but I would say only as a short term solution to hair loss!!The thing is, the skin on the face is very delicate and can easily be strecthed/pulled/burnt/sag.Firstly, ... Read More »

Safe, Healthy Way to Remove Hair Dye?

Many women have had their fair share of hair salon disasters. From a terrible cut to the dreaded perm, few things can make a woman feel as defeated as a hairstyle that makes her look or feel unattr... Read More »

Safe Ways to Remove Facial Hair?

There are many options to remove unsightly facial hair. Everyone's hair reacts to hair removal differently. In addition, everyone's skin reacts differently to certain products. Therefore experiment... Read More »

Safe Easy Way to Remove Pubic Hair?

The safest, easiest and wallet-friendliest way to remove pubic hair is to simply shave it. Although electrolysis will permanently remove the hair, it can be extremely costly and maybe years down th... Read More »