Safe Internet Browsing Tips?

Answer Any time a home computer is connected to the Internet, it is exposed to security risks. Some safe browsing practices help protect the computer and all information stored there from viruses and from... Read More »

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What are your best tips for staying safe on the Internet?

I like how most people are focusing on the virus side of things. :/- don't give out personal information. ever. - Don't add people you don't know- don't be a jerk- 'cause there are some people onli... Read More »

Is it safe browsing porn sites in home?

it depends how many people using your computer, if your parents are using your computer, you have to check whether any spyware are installed to track your computer activity by using any antispyware... Read More »

How to Add Tab Browsing to Internet Explorer 6?

The "tabbed browsing" feature on a Web browser allows users to open more than one Web page without opening a new window. This function saves time by making it easier to click back and forth between... Read More »

How do I check an Internet browsing history?

Internet ExplorerOpen the Internet Explorer browser. Click the "Tools" drop-down menu. Select "Toolbars," "History." A list of visited websites will appear on the left side of the browser. Press th... Read More »