Safe Disposal of Construction Waste?

Answer Construction projects, such as building or renovating a house, naturally produce waste products. Proper disposal of this waste is necessary to prevent pollution and other environmental damage, part... Read More »

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Safe Disposal of Medical Waste?

Medical waste is considered a biohazard, by virtue of containing possible sources of infection or environmental damage. Medical waste, which may range from used bandaging to syringes used to inject... Read More »

What is waste disposal?

Waste disposal, also known as waste management, is the profession of collecting, transporting, processing and disposing of waste materials. This profession also handles the recycling and monitoring... Read More »

What is cell waste disposal?

All living beings are made up of cells, tiny units that make up all organisms. Cells function by maintaining homeostasis, or keeping their conditions the same at all times. In order to do so, cells... Read More »

What does a waste disposal plant do?

Waste disposal plants, as the name suggests it, dispose of our waste (garbage) in three ways: recycling, burning and depositing in landfills, depending on the type of waste. They are responsible fo... Read More »