Safari vs Chrome on MacBookAir?

Answer Before I got my Macbook air as a present few weeks ago I was also using Chrome and thought it was so much better, but I now switched to Safari because it's so much easier to zoom in and out on webp... Read More »

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Why does Safari say I'm "missing plug-in" when Chrome says I'm not?

Safari was created by Apple just so they could say their computers came with an included non-Microsoft browser. You're not actually supposed to use it, silly. Transfer all of your bookmarks and hom... Read More »

IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera... Which one?

Is Google Chrome faster and uses less RAM than Firefox, Safari, Opera, or IE?

Yes, it's the fastest. No, it uses more RAM and memory than firefox (with more than like 5-6 tabs open, if you have one or two open it will be less).

Which of these is the best internet explorer, mozilla firefox, google chrome, safari or operaand why?

If you had asked me this 6 months ago, I would have said Mozilla, but the recent updates have made it as slow as IE. I switched to Chrome, which is much faster because it has less unnecessary add-o... Read More »