Safari icon on computer desktop gone retro?

Answer Most shortcuts on the desktop are just references to the application residing elsewhere. And most applications come with several icons that are available for use. The shortcut is probably pointin... Read More »

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How do I create an icon for a computer desktop?

PreparationRemove any open windows that may be cluttering your screen. Find the folder that you want to represent with an icon. Right-click on that folder. A drop-down list will appear. Left-click ... Read More »

Computer problem. on the desktop the icons, toolbar, and start button are gone. help?

the same problem occured to me a week back ! its the damn virus ! soon the windows also got corrupted ! so i had to install windows !iam very sure only REINSTALLING WINDOWS will fix this problem ... Read More »

My desktop icons and startup bar is gone ....idk how to get them back all i have is a desktop background?

Try the SIMPLE fix firstRIGHT click an area of the blank desktop, select ARANGE ICON BY, then make sure "SHOW DESKTOP ICONS" is ticked.

How to Change the Safari Icon on iOS 4?

If you have a jail-broken iDevice, you have probably decided to change your icons or names to something a bit more suitable. All third-party apps change easily, but some apps prefer to remain a bit... Read More »