Saddam Hussein ALIVE?

Answer I will watch out for it.Thank`s for telling me about it.

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Was Saddam Hussein ever on the cia payroll?

How many sons does Saddam Hussein have?

Saddam Hussein had two sons with his first wife, Sajida Tulfah. Their names were Uday and Qusay Hussein, and they were both killed in a raid by U.S. forces in Mosul in 2003.References:CNN: Saddam's... Read More »

Who were Saddam Hussein's body guards?

Saddam Hussein's bodyguards were members of the elite Special Republican Guard. It was also known as the Golden Unit. This agency was responsible for protecting Hussein and preventing rebellions or... Read More »

What did Colin Powell think of Saddam Hussein prior to the start of the Gulf War?

The United States was infuriated by Iran's attack on the American embassy and wished to retaliate by arming Iran's enemy, Iraq.