Saab Ignition Problems?

Answer Saab automobiles, currently manufactured by Spyker Cars, rely on an ignition system consisting of a distributor, ignition coil, rotor and spark plugs. Damaged or defective components in the Saab ig... Read More »

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How to Get an Ignition Spindle Out of a Saab?

The ignition spindle in a Saab is another name for the ignition cylinder lock that is installed into the steering column. There is no technical service life on the spindle but when it malfunctions,... Read More »

How to Clean Out a Saab Ignition?

Saab is an auto manufacturer that builds reliable autos and enjoys a positive customer satisfaction rating. As with all automobiles, cars made by Saab are equipped with various mechanical component... Read More »

The Ignition on My 1993 Saab Won't Turn?

An ignition key is used to start most 1993 Saab vehicles. While these ignition keys are usually inserted and turned without a second thought, they might get stuck from time to time. If you cannot t... Read More »

Problems With Getting No Spark From the Ignition Coil & Ignition Issues?

Certain requirements must be met for an ignition coil to produce the high-voltage spark that fires an engine. Problems associated with meeting these requirements can be as simple as a corroded wire... Read More »