SWTOR I cant see anything?

Answer Cut scenes are only videos that play on your computer. Games are much more demanding than video. A new video card may help, but without knowing the specs of your computer it is difficult to say.

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How many servers left in SWTOR now?

There are abt 12 servers now ,they are :The Ebon HawkDrooga's Pleasure Barge Corellian Run Jedi CovenantProphecy of the Five The Harbinger Begeren ColonyCanderous OrdoThe Shadowlands... Read More »

Is amd radeon hd 3850 1gb gddr5 pci express 2.1 video card good 2 play with swtor and forsaken world?

Definitely, I used to have that card and it used to play everything I threw at it on the highest settings. It was starting to struggle with some games coming out now on max now so I had to upgrade ... Read More »