[SURVEY] How do you like your TEA?

Answer I drink Indian Chai. I like it flavored with Cardamom and with some milk. For the sweetness, I take one Splenda and a tea-spoon of sugar.

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Survey: Do you like funnel cake Why or why not?

No, I'm not a fan of deep fried cakes. It is probably more of an American treat

Survey:do you like Ramen noodles?

Ramen's rock!! They are completely versatile, I use them in various recipes.

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1. Colgate2. Every day3. Two and a half men4. Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Adele5. 17, nearly 18 and my name's Henrietta6. Straight7. Nope :(8. Own roomBQ: Yes, you're my contact :D I love your... Read More »

Survey~ Do you like to go to the mall to shop or buy from a catalog?

I dont like either, i hate shopping but i do prefer to go and buy from a shop