SUPER PC Multi Monitor Computer Where do I get one with a Multi Screen LCD Display?

Answer Go to:http://www.Multi-Monitors.comAnd they definitely have great service! I bought a Multi-Monitor SUPER PC, a few months ago, and it has 4 LCDs! It makes Day Trading so darn easy,with all of that... Read More »

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Where can I find a Multi-Monitor Computer, and Multi-Screen LCD Display, for Day Trading?

The absolute best place is:http://www.Multi-Monitors.comI compared prices, when I purchased my 6 LCD Mega System, and they were way lower, than the other companies I found! They have a brand of Mul... Read More »

SUPER PC: Multi-Monitor Computer... Recommended for Multi-Screen Day Trading?

Multiple Monitor Computers are the best thing ever! Call me a nerd, or whatever. but my life wouldn't be the same without Multiscreens! I bought a SUPER PC computer, way back in the day, when they ... Read More »

SUPER PC: Multi-Monitor Computers I need a Multiple Screen Trading Computer. Has anyone bought one?

Wow! This is cool! I was on here a while back, asking a very similar question. We must have read the same article! Anyway, I straight out trusted the source, and bought one. You are going to flip o... Read More »

Multi-Monitor Display?

Hey, I asked a very similar question a few weeks ago and several people directed me to I actually bought the same multi-monitor display you are looking for. Here is a lin... Read More »