SUNBURN HELP!!!! VitaminE oil vs. VitaminE lotion ?

Answer No. Lotions are usually alcohol or water based. You want the pure Vitamin E oil.

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Are vitamine pills nessescary?

as you get older the body gets more "difficult" to function so .. yes..…have your mom get this one and mix 1 cap full with water each day and drinkvery hea... Read More »

Can i put regular lotion on a sunburn?

I wouldnt recommend it, you shouldnt put grease on a burn. White vinegar works great and the smell goes away quickly.Noxema as someone else suggested is good too, stay away from the grease.

How to Make Homemade Sunburn Lotion?

Homemade sunburn lotion is a simple lotion that can be applied to the skin after prolonged sun exposure to help reduce redness and irritation. Combining two natural soothing ingredients---witch haz... Read More »

Is cocoa butter lotion a good sunburn treatment I've heard oily lotions aren't good for that but i'm not sure?

No, cocoa butter is not a good sunburn treatment, it will only irritate the burn even worse. You need aloe gel with benzocaine, or silver sulfadiazine, which is a burn cream. Cocoa butter has oils ... Read More »