SRP Protocols?

Answer Started in 1997, the Secure Remote Password, or SRP, Project set out with some very lofty goals - not the least of which was protecting computer user password information from invasive attacks by h... Read More »

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What Are SSL & TLS Protocols?

One of the greatest challenges in conducting commerce over the Internet is that, as it was originally designed, it is a completely insecure network. The SSL protocol was developed in 1994 by Netsca... Read More »

Why do we have protocols?

Protocols are predetermined systems of steps or rules for performing an action. They have a wide range of applications, including medicine, technology, communications and research. Protocols ensure... Read More »

Rs-232 & Rs-432 Protocols?

RS-232 and RS-432 are two standards for serial connections from computers to peripherals. The standards specify the cable type and connector configurations. "RS" stands for "Recommended Standard."

What are TCP/IP protocols?

In the 1960s, when the U.S. first funded the research projects to build robust computer networks, no one imagined the implications that would ensue. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ... Read More »