Answer use black save or ichtamol ointment, it will draw them to the surface. it smells terrible but works


Tricks for Getting Splinters Out?

Handling wood with jagged pieces or even walking barefoot where you come into contact with a sliver of glass or plastic--however you obtain a splinter, removal will be your next goal. Splinters can... Read More »

How to Dissolve Splinters?

Wood splinters are painful, especially when embedded deep in the skin. Using tweezers or a needle just pushes it further into the skin. Instead, dissolve the splinter under the skin by creating a p... Read More »

How to Treat Dog Splinters?

A splinter in a dog's paw can be incredibly painful and your stoic best friend will probably do their best to limp along to keep up with you. Treatment of a splinter is as follows.

How to Repair Wood Floors With Splinters?

Hardwood floors add beauty and a homey atmosphere to your home, so instead of carpeting over a scratched or splintered floor, sand it smooth. Replace any boards that are warped or rotten. Once smoo... Read More »