SORE ELBOW From Weightlifting?

Answer Ice would have worked if you actually left it on long enough. When applying ice, you have to leave it on until the area is numb. To get to the numb stage, you have to go through a cold stage, a bur... Read More »

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Is feeling sore/weak 3 days after weightlifting normal?

Yes, it is normal. Your body just needs to readjust and adapt to the strain of weightlifting. Especially after 1 year.

I have a sore arm..mid-arm and at the can I best treat it?

Elbows are tricky to heal my friend who does accupuncture said that the blood flows too quickly around that area making them difficult to heal and suggested a tight band to slow the blood and help ... Read More »

What is wrong with you if you fell on your elbow now it is really really sore?

look for any signs dark spots usually are from internal damage it can just be a sprained muscle or tendon...i fell from a tree and landed straight on my elbow 12-16 feet and i thought it was broken... Read More »

Is change in breast from sore to no longer sore common in early pregnancy or is it likely the sign of a misscarriage?

I had very sore breast, when I was pregnant, until 6 weeks when I found out I'd miscarried.