SONY refuses to fix my laptop?

Answer Not sure why you paid extra for an HD 6630 is not much faster than the Intel IGP. I'm also not sure why you're sending the computer away for an apparent software problem. Do they not have anyone ... Read More »

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I sold a laptop on eBay - and the "buyer" refuses to send payment until he recieves the laptop - - - ?

Definitely do not send the laptop before you get paid, thats how people get scammed. Tell him that either he pays you and as soon as you receive payment you will send it, or the purchase will be vo... Read More »

How do you switch the Sony MHC-GX450 out of demo mode as it switches between mp3 and radio and refuses to turn off?

Can you use a Sony laptop recovery disc on a Toshiba laptop?

You cannot use a Sony laptop recovery disc on a Toshiba laptop. Recovery discs are designed to look for markers within the computer (usually located within the BIOS) to identify whether the compute... Read More »

How to Connect a Laptop to a Sony TV?

Watching videos on your laptop may be serviceable in some situations, but when you want to experience visuals on a larger screen with more powerful speakers, you can connect your laptop to your S... Read More »