SMOKING What would you say to make me give up?

Answer The thing that helped me was not the fact that it's bad for you, you're going to die, etc, every one knows this.....It was the realisation that smoking doesn't help or change any thing.Something st... Read More »

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SMOKING.......I would love to give up smoking. I know many of you out there will say just quit then......?

Think smoking makes you look sexy? That you could quit any time? Think again. Myth 1: Smoking looks sexy. Or at least, that's what the tobacco industry would like you to think. Well, it may look gl... Read More »

SMOKERS ONLY: Would you stop smoking if you saw someone die of smoking-related cancer?

absolutely i quit 22 years ago when my friend(who was my age)smoked like a chimney (as i did )drop ed dead of a heart attack .put my cigarette out when i heard the news and haven smoked since

What tips would you give a teen ager [12-16] about make up ?

The best tip I can give is to take care of your skin. The makeup does horrible things to a girl's face. I'd get her a bottle of Dove Foaming Cleanser and teach her how to properly cleanse and moist... Read More »

Give me some motivation to give up smoking please!?