SMB Cam Bearing Installation Instructions?

Answer The camshaft in an engine block requires several bearings to function properly. The camshaft controls the exhaust and intake valves. Without a camshaft, an engine will not start. Although the exact... Read More »

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Bearing Buddy Spindle Seal Installation Instructions?

Few owners understand how to properly maintain their trailers. One area that is often neglected is the trailer's bearings and hubs. As hubs and bearings age, their ability to hold onto the grease i... Read More »

Oil Bearing Sleeve Installation?

Oil-filled sintered or porous bronze bearings have been available since the 1920s when Walter Chrysler of Chrysler Corporation searched for a technology for self-lubricating maintenance-free bearin... Read More »

Proper Rod Bearing Installation?

The rod bearings fit between the piston connecting rod and connecting rod caps and ride on the crankshaft journal of your engine. These bearings, or inserts, allow engine oil lubrication to protect... Read More »

Camshaft Bearing Installation Tools?

Performing an engine rebuild or replacing a camshaft often means replacing the camshaft bearings as well. In most cases, the average do-it-yourself mechanic will leave this task up to a professiona... Read More »