SMART Board Games With Math Word Problems?

Answer Word problems are a mathematics concept first learned in elementary school. In contrast to strictly numerical equations, word problems use sentences to describe mathematics problems. Learning to un... Read More »

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Math Games for a SMART Board?

A SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that was introduced in 1991. The technology is a combination of the capabilities of a computer with the ease of use of a whiteboard. It allows the user to... Read More »

Math Games That Help With Word Problems for the Third-Grade?

Word problems provide a real-world context for mathematics learning. Students do not simply recite memorized math facts, but instead explore mathematics through word problems. Mastering word proble... Read More »

Math Games That Help With Word Problems for the 3rd Grade?

Students are able to understand more complicated math problems when there is a way for them to envision them, rather than be exposed to the number equation. Word problems are a good way of producin... Read More »

Smart Board Math Lessons?

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard is becoming more widely used in schools, with teachers utilizing this technology to enhance the way they teach a variety of subjects, including math. As use o... Read More »