SKYPE users; Which would be better?

Answer I use Headset and mic .... but I need it fer gaming etc ... just find it more comfortable now (leaves handsfree.... can pick up cheap ones mine was £10 from GAME and is SKYPE compatible

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Dslr users, generally, which brand would you root for?

I've had a Canon SLR before the digital age, but now have a Nikon D80 (have also used D50). I have also used the Canon 400D from a friend of mine.Most people develop some kind of emotional attachme... Read More »

RTV (d)REGS... If these users were in the BB house which order would they be voted out..?

Awww I've missed your wooden spoon. lolI'm afraid, so my splinters don't get upset you understand, that I can not answer your question. :-)

Which software has the better quality for voice/video chat google talk or skype?

That would depend on the quality of your SPU (sound processing unit) and your microphone, partly, and the other part depends on the codec that the program uses. A codec is a program that compresses... Read More »

Skype users.....?