SKYPE NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Please help...any assistance =)?

Answer Maybe your friend is just hanging up on you. Happens to me a lot.

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Is there any "assistance" for single working mothers who don't sit on the butts?

In most states, NO! The government tends to only reward single-mother's who don't work. These women's sugardaddy, uncle SAM, seems to encourage single-mother's to stay at home and live on some type... Read More »

Why is skype not working?

Hey thanx michael... the link helped .... it is working now.... i dint have this file shared.xml so deleted whole skype folder from my ~Library/Application support/.... it created new one after it ... Read More »

Skype sound not working!!?

check in your skype audio device settings to make sure that skype is using the correct mic, if its not that may be why they cannot hear you or maybe your mic is not working, does it work on other a... Read More »

Unknown virus that cause Skype/AVG and others to stop working (Windows 7)?

actually that virus may be programmed to terminate given processes. the coder may had not mentioned the avast antivirus and thats why it is running and can detect the problems. you can update the a... Read More »