SIMPLE: Can you have your operating system on a flash drive?

Answer THINK: If you can install it on an SSD, then as long as the thumbdrive (basically an SSD) has enough space, yes you can do that.

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Will a usb flash drive hold an operating system?

You can put an operating system on a USB flash drive---you will likely need several gigabytes of space depending on the OS---and boot a computer from it, assuming your motherboard allows it, accord... Read More »

How to Copy Files From a Unix Operating System to a Flash Drive?

In Windows, you can copy files to a flash drive just by connecting, dragging the files on, and disconnecting. Some versions of Unix support this as well, but for many, you must manually mount the d... Read More »

How to Install a Linux Operating System to a Flash Drive and Install Portable Versions of Your Favourite Applications?

Ever wish there was more you could do with a USB stick other than saving or copying files? Like get it to make you breakfast, take the dog for a walk, or do all your school assignments? Well….... Read More »

How to Install Flash Player on a 64-Bit Operating System?

The Adobe Flash Player is a plug-in for your Internet browser that allows you to view Flash animation Web pages. The browser will produce an error message if you don't have this plug-in, and the Fl... Read More »