SERIOUSLY worried about sister!!!!! HELP!?

Answer Being vegetarian has nothing to do with her weight loss, it has to do with improper diet. I suggest your parents do their research on vegetarian diets and find foods that are nutritionally sound fo... Read More »

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My mum and sister argue all the time and my sister does bad stuff I can't stand it because my mum has a lot on her plate with my nan and grandad and I am really worried so what should I do?

Believe it or not I am in a very similar situation. I know it's hard because you see your mother being stressed and hurt by things your sister is doing. And you really just want her to be happy. Th... Read More »

Is this a form of obsession I'm worried about my sister!?

i can relate to this, but on your sisters part. I am completely in love with the band Hedley, i have the whole cd collection, posters, clothing, posters, personalized frame, spend loads of money fo... Read More »

My sister suddenly got sick and has a fever of 101. Should I be worried?

I would advise you to bring her to the doctor to get her checked out because you want to be on the safe side although I am sure it is just a bug going round . If the swine flu is caught on time the... Read More »

Your wife is 9 weeks pregnant and worried as her sister had a recent blighted ovum How can you reassure her?

It'll be ok... Your wife is not her sister. Everyone is different. Pregnancy & birth, as a natural process, have been around a lot longer than people. What will be, will be. Take your pick.