SCAM Alert!!! will rob you blind?

Answer Surely the name alone should have warned you?

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SCAM ALERT: What's the best way to alert people about this scammer?

What a b**tard. I have a good-sized blog. I'll make sure to let all those writers know. Thx for update. it's always good to hear warnings about these scum.

Loan Scam Alert !!!!!?

Its fantastic that ya warning people against all this conman who victimised others, especially those who are sympathetically cornered to a point of desperation for money. Yea money can solve alot o... Read More »

I am short-sighted. Every year my eyesight gets worse, will it go to the stage that I will be blind?

You won't get blind. But unfortunately no one will help you, especially not eye doctors, optometrists and opticians. Sad but true. You are experiencing the same thing that happened to billions of p... Read More »

Will Medicare Cover Medical Alert Systems?

Medicare does not cover medical alert systems. Most insurance companies will not cover the cost of these devices either, even with a doctor's prescription. Many states have programs to help seniors... Read More »