SAT Prep Tricks?

Answer For many hopeful-to-be-college-bound students, the SAT is a formidable stumbling block. Instead of allowing this potentially difficult test to get the best of you, employ some simple prep tricks. W... Read More »

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How to Be a Guy Prep on Cp?

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How to Be an 80's Prep?

There were lots of different styles in the 80's, including prep. Follow these steps and you can be an 80's prep!

How to Prep Others for the SAT?

A primary concern for high school juniors and seniors is the SAT exam, a college admissions test. Its purpose is to have an objective standardized system to compare with the subjective grade averag... Read More »

NYC Prep Schools?

The prep schools of New York City are famous, having garnered mentions in television shows and movies. Many of the city's most prestigious prep schools also boast impressive alumni rosters, includi... Read More »