SANYO Xacti HD1010 how long can it video?

Answer This af mode is when you are focusing on subjects that are changing distance , it will continuously focus IE sporting event , now just use al focus and it will switch from one shot or al servo when... Read More »

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What should i iPad, macBook, Sanyo xacti cg10, sanyo xacti cs1?

Hi Gianna, and welcome back to Yahoo!Answers: Since this is only your 2nd post, you need to update/correct your Yahoo Profile, since it says your are a 23-year old adult and not a Seventh/Eighth Gr... Read More »

Will this lens fit your sanyo xacti fh1?

Canon makes great DSLRs. They have different models for different price ranges, but all take exceptional photographs.

Camcorders... Sanyo Xacti or Flip?

I would go with the Sanyo Xacti:…It has 5x optical zoom which the others don't. You can also expand the storage capacity with an SD card.Maybe the Flip, ... Read More »

Is the Sanyo Xacti camera compatible with a mac computer?

Which Sanyo Xacti?Which MacBook?Are you planning on using iMovie? down to the Sanyo section. Use the links to the notes.