SAHMs - How do you fill a routine day at home with your toddler?

Answer idk

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SAHMs- What do you do all day with your baby?

Baby: 12 months old.Mood: I am usually imaginative, optomistic, mellow, cheerful... etc. I have so many good moods during the day. I occasionally wake up grumpy and irritated and my paitence wears ... Read More »

If you exercise at home, what is your routine?

I rap battle with myself in the mirror which almost always leads to a 2 hour breakdancing session. got to stay fly, word up.

How to Work from Home With a Toddler?

Many stay-at-home moms desire to do a little work on the side to contribute to their household income. Working from home seems like the ideal solution, allowing you to still be with your child whil... Read More »

How did your toddler (3 and under) react to you bringing home a newborn?

I never understood how anyone could say that their child became jealous of the new baby. I've done this twice. I brought home my second child when my first was 2. The transition was pretty much ... Read More »