SAE Steel Specs?

Answer It is the function of the Society of Automotive Engineers, or SAE, to designate steel grades, which represent chemical composition standards for steel specifications. The variety of chemical compos... Read More »

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Steel Wheel Runout Specs?

A car exhibits bad characteristics when the wheels are bent --- it will shake at highway speeds, the steering wheel may shimmy or the car may "buck," like a bucking bronco. How far off-center the w... Read More »

Torque Specs for Stainless Steel?

Bolts made of stainless steel are among the strongest, most reliable, and most resistant to corrosion. They have specific torque specifications depending on their established grade, size and lubric... Read More »

Carter Starter Steel Guitar Specs?

John Fabian and Bud Carter founded Carter pedal steel guitars, established in the steel guitar industry by providing excellent engineering, tone and build quality to professional and beginning play... Read More »

Fender Steel King Amplifier Specs?

The Fender Steel King amplifier is a 200-watt guitar amp designed by Fender specifically for pedal steel guitar. This amp features a unique preamp sound that was made specifically for clean and cle... Read More »