SAE Oil Classifications?

Answer The American Petroleum Institute (or API) rates motor oils to certify that they meet quality and performance standards. Many modern gas and diesel engines have specific oil requirements that are li... Read More »

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EEC Classifications?

In 1967, the treaty that established the European Economic Community also included a Council Directive known as the EEC/67/548, which set regulations, laws and administrative procedures in relation... Read More »

Earthquake Classifications?

Every year, seismologists estimate there are more than 930,000 earthquakes across the globe. The majority of those earthquakes are so small that they cannot be felt but can be recorded with equipme... Read More »

Classifications of Chemotherapy?

A number of chemotherapy drugs are used to treat cancer. Most of these drugs work by stopping or slowing the abnormal cell division that causes cancer. These drugs can be administered in pill form ... Read More »

Lipper Classifications?

Lipper is a company owned and operated by Thomson Reuters. Lipper provides information, ratings and analytical tools for mutual funds. Lipper Global Classification provides information internationa... Read More »