S10 Fan Blade Replacement Instructions?

Answer The S10 Chevy’s fan blades are attached to a fan clutch. It is a silicone-type of fan clutch, wherein the temperature of the engine is conducted from the water pump through the clutch shaft and t... Read More »

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Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Instructions?

Replacing your vehicle's windshield wipers is a straightforward task. The blades themselves do not need to be manufacturer-specific parts and wiper blades are generally sold at most discount depart... Read More »

Wahl Peanut Replacement Blade Instructions?

The Wahl Peanut Hair Clipper is a compact hair trimmer that can be used for precision hair styles. As with all cutting tools, the blades will wear after extensive use and need to be replaced. Repla... Read More »

Replacement Instructions for a S430 Mercedes Benz Wiper Blade?

The windshield wipers on the Mercedes Benz S430 rest below the hood cowl when turned off. To gain access to them you must turn the Mercedes Benz on to the auxiliary position, turn on the wipers an... Read More »

Instructions for Sharpening a Ceramic Blade?

Metal blades, over time, lose their sharpness because the edge folds over and starts to pit. Ceramic blades, on the other hand, are second only to diamonds in hardness. They stay sharp longer, but ... Read More »