S-video question please help ?

Answer With an s-video cable of course. Then on your TV remote, change the input selection to s-video. On your laptop one on the FN keys - I forget which - can toggle the selection of video output.

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Audio/video question?

USB to HDMI won't work. Your computer should have a VGA, DVI or HDMI output that matches an input on your TV. If you go HDMI, then you are covered for audio as well as video. If you go the VGA or ... Read More »

Video switch hub question?

I would check KVMSwitchTech. They offer a Multi Video MatrixSwitch that accepts different inputs and has HDMI outputs.

Video editing question?

Many commercial video editors have free trial periods. I would try these ones:Sony Movie Studio…Sony Vegas Pro…... Read More »

I have an uploading video question!?

Your editing program is not compatible with your cameras video format. Sometimes if your computer is old and slow, that can cause problems too.