Rye Grass Facts?

Answer Ryegrasses are a genus (a classification of related species) grasses which are native to Asia, Europe and North Africa but have subsequently spread throughout the world. Ryegrass is particularly va... Read More »

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Sea Grass Facts?

Sea grass, which is also rendered as seagrass, is a flowering plant that grows along coastal areas and exists submerged in saltwater. They grow just like land plants and create oxygen from carbon d... Read More »

Bermuda Grass Facts?

Bermuda grass is one of the toughest turf grasses used in the southern plains, desert southwest and humid southeastern United States. Hybrid varieties of bermuda grass have been created and the fir... Read More »

Facts About the Grass Tree?

The grass tree of Australia belongs to the genus Xanthorrhoea. The aborigines call it "balga," which means "black boy," a name that is very appropriate in view of the fact that the trunk of the gr... Read More »

What is the approx amount of time i should water my grass after fertilizing my grass 15 min. 30 min 1hr?