Rutherford Discoveries?

Answer Ernest Rutherford, the renowned physicist, was born in 1871 in New Zealand. After attending New Zealand University, he later was a professor at Cambridge. Rutherford is famous for his discoveries r... Read More »

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What did Rutherford discover?

Earnest Rutherford discovered that the atoms of some elements naturally decay into other elements, that radiation consists of different components, and that changing elements could be done artifici... Read More »

Ernest Rutherford information.?…- This has several references to good books and good websites, such as:…Then, a simple search on a science-only ... Read More »

What discovery did Rutherford make?

Ernest Rutherford, one of the great chemists of the 20th century, discovered the classic model of the atom, with negatively-charged electrons rotating around a positively-charged nucleus. He also m... Read More »

Ernest Rutherford discovered what?

Ernest Rutherford, a professor at the University of Manchester, discovered the nucleus, stating in March of 1911 that every atom contains a nucleus with a positive charge. His pronouncement launche... Read More »